20 Apr 2021

Marketing included radio and television spots, along with point-of-sale advertising.

Marketing included radio and television spots, along with point-of-sale advertising.

Among the challenges in lots of nations, specially among high-risk groups, is certainly not merely making items available, but quality that is high affordable variations of the services and products. The success of the true number One Plus campaign hinged from the undeniable fact that the lube worked better and lasted more than others. As reported in a workshop on lubricants, it didn’t stain, it had a taste that is appealing fragrance while the minimum negative impact on latex; it absolutely was perhaps perhaps perhaps not harmful and ended up being simple to clean up. 17

The cost of quantity One Plus had been determined via a survey that is willingness-to-pay and it is highly subsidised.

the item ended up being considered affordable by users. Lower than 5% regarding the packets get away free, mainly for training purposes. Circulation points consist of pharmacies, supermarkets and market stalls, in addition to high-risk, difficult to achieve venues such as for example brothels, alcohol gardens and karaoke pubs. Peer education networks are an easy method of circulation, because are NGOs working together with males that have intercourse with guys, sex employees together with gatekeepers among these communities. PSI’s sales staff additionally worked to make certain item access to brothels, therapeutic therapeutic massage parlours, guesthouses and areas being cruising entertainment venues frequented by males that have intercourse with males. Additionally they educated trainers and customers in regards to the use that is proper of with condoms and exactly how much to make use of.

The main element communications associated with campaign had been that quantity One Plus lubricant that is water-based whenever used in combination with a number 1 condom, makes sex better and safer. Other messages emphasised that lubricant is employed by having a condom, one of many; lubricant escalates the durability of condoms; lubricants aren’t an extra product; and oil-based lubes can break up latex condoms and decrease their effectiveness. The campaign emphasised the pleasure advantages, in addition to safer intercourse and HIV prevention, including increased pleasure when it comes to penetrator and paid off genital and friction that is anal free cam site the receptor.

The item was geared towards sex employees and males that have sex with guys, but was additionally mass advertised.

Marketing included radio and television spots, along with point-of-sale advertising. In the 1st half a year, product sales of lube increased by 500% and surpassed objectives. Analysis demonstrated that this product had been achieving the target populace plus the basic populace. Nonetheless, stock went away because of a gap that is six-month donor capital. As soon as financing ended up being once again guaranteed, product product sales amounts resumed. PSI is attempting to expand product product sales and access in rural areas.

Training ended up being carried out with all the PSI Cambodia staff and sales force to sensitise them to using the services of males who have intercourse with males. While there clearly was some opposition to start with, product sales increases may be related to a modification of mindset among numerous staff towards advertising and selling products to very stigmatised populations (private communication, Supriya Pillai, July 2006).

According to customer satisfaction studies, PSI Cambodia discovered that it had been burdensome for customers to hold lube from 1 sachet to utilize with another condom. These are typically consequently considering packing four sachets of lube with four condoms. In addition, they’ve been considering offering their lubricant as being a product that is stand-alone clients who would like to utilize over fifty percent a sachet with every condom.

PSI has not yet examined whether promoting the item as being a pleasure item managed to make it more productive than a normal health approach that is public. Nevertheless, radio and television promotions had been well gotten, and PSI staff involved think that the pleasure aspect contributed to your upsurge in product sales.

Feminine condoms and pleasure

Imagine a brand new adult toy. It costs lower than a buck, can be acquired all around the globe, will come in its very own discreet package while offering pleasure that is limitless both women and men. This has two rings. A person is placed deeply into the vagina, where it rubs resistant to the back regarding the vagina, particularly when sex or pressing your hands against it, causing a much much deeper thrust and harder penetration. One other band sits beyond your vagina. Some females report that the rubbing associated with the ring that is outer the clitoris may cause increased pleasure and also orgasm. Guys report that the knocking associated with the penis from the internal band seems good also. The toy that is whole manufactured from a heat-conducting material that permits the lovers to feel one another through it, specially when this model is covered inside and outside with lubricant. You have guessed that this can be, in reality, a description associated with feminine condom.