21 Apr 2021

Just how do lesbians have intercourse? Two cisgender women or vulva-having individuals in a few need not be worried about undesirable maternity.

Just how do lesbians have intercourse? Two cisgender women or vulva-having individuals in a few need not be worried about undesirable maternity.

Safer sex that is lesbian. Cleanliness

Be sure both both you and your partner wash both hands thoroughly before making love. To be able to lower the threat of damage or the spreading of germs, clean using your fingernails and either keep them short or filed smoothly. Eliminate any jewellery like bands, too. This may allow it to be more unlikely which you or your lover experiences any cuts or rips during intercourse. Keep in mind, additionally it is actually crucial that you keep your sex toys clean, too. After with them, either clean all of them with hot water and fragrance-free detergent or having a adult toy cleaner. This lessen the risk of bacteria distributing therefore the chance of transmitting STIs.

Employing a good, pH-balanced lubricant not just makes sex more pleasant but additionally decreases the possibility of damage or soreness. If you should be making use of adult toys or condoms, make sure to go with a water-based lubricant (as silicone and oil-based lubes are not absolutely all appropriate for condoms and that can compromise the effectiveness). Squeeze the lube out to your hand and carefully distribute it over the desired area. If you are having rectal intercourse of any sort, make sure to make use of an anal lube that is specific these are generally thicker and longer-lasting. This is really important as unlike the vagina, the anal area does maybe not self-lubricate. Similar to with any intercourse, there was a danger of STI transmission. ‘Many STIs are passed away from vulva owner to vulva owner – via dental contact, electronic contact or sharing adult toys without cleansing them,’ Dr Bisbey explains.

While transmission is more unlikely during dental intercourse than during penetrative penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus sex, you can still find numerous STIs that are handed down. Most frequently offered this real method are herpes, gonorrhoea and syphilis. Although not as likely, chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis A, B and C and HPV – which in turn causes warts that are genital are nevertheless in a position to be handed down during dental intercourse.

STI tests

Whether you are in a relationship that is monogamous have multiple lovers, it is critical to get regular STI tests. It really is easier than ever before to obtain tested, with home STI kits – such as these from Sexual Health London – which can be delivered to your house https://www.adult-cams.org/female/pregnant cost-free. These test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV. You just use the test, get back it free of charge with the pre-paid package, along with your email address details are provided for you via text and e-mail inside a matter of a few short days.

Condoms and dams that are dental

Dr Bisbey states to reduce the possibility of transmission also to have safer intercourse, ‘use dental dams for oral-to-genital or oral-to-anal contact.’ Dental dams resemble condoms but are square in form. They may be placed within the vulva or rectum during dental intercourse to generate a barrier that is protective decrease the threat of STIs. As dental dams may be harder to get into, you may also make your very own utilizing a condom. Merely reduce one part and start it down. Whenever participating in fingering or fisting, Dr Bisbey suggests gloves that are wearing this could easily decrease the danger of STI transmission. Finger cots can also be employed for anal fingering and play.


Two cisgender females or people that are vulva-having a couple need not concern yourself with unwelcome maternity. However, although they identify as female or non-binary – you will still need to use condoms or some form of contraception like the Pill, implant or coil (IUD) if you have a vulva and your partner has a penis -.