21 Apr 2021

ProPublica logo. Just just How College Debt is placing the Squeeze on Families

ProPublica logo. Just just How College Debt is placing the Squeeze on Families

Total outstanding college financial obligation is approximated at $1 trillion bucks — along with expenses nevertheless soaring, the duty on pupils and their loved ones shows no indications of abating. We are examining how a complicated system of university financial obligation is placing the squeeze on families.

Nothin’ but Debt: Which NCAA Tournament Schools Give Low-Income learning Students the most effective Shot?

In place of baseball ability, our bracket is dependant on five facets that measure each school’s power to graduate low-income pupils with small financial obligation.

Updated Financial Obligation by Levels

Utilize our database that is interactive to federal information on very nearly 7,000 schools into the U.S. to observe well they support their poorest pupils economically. Now updated with information through the scholastic 12 months.

Federal National Subsequently Forgives Billions with debt of Going Here Pupils Who’ve Become Disabled

The move employs a ProPublica investigation that reported how a national federal federal federal government ended up being which makes it difficult for disabled borrowers to have their loans forgiven.

Department of Education Report Calls on Colleges to intensify help for Poor pupils

Financial Obligation By Levels

Utilize our interactive database to find brand brand brand brand new federal information on nearly 7,000 schools when you look at the U.S. to observe how well they support their poorest pupils economically.

Reporting Recipe: Simple Tips To Investigate Scholar Debt at Your University

Listed below are five tales you certainly can do utilizing ProPublica’s database that is interactive financial obligation by levels. Each one of these comes that includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines.

Brand Brand Brand New Information Reveals Stark Gaps in Graduation Prices Between Bad and Wealthy Pupils

For the very first time ever, the general public can easily see the graduation prices for Pell give recipients at over 1,000 schools.

As Pope Pushes to greatly help poor people, Catholic Universities behind leave them

Many colleges that are catholic low-income pupils with big debts. And rich Catholic schools that offer ample support don’t enroll many bad pupils.

Colleges Flush With Money Saddle Poorest Pupils With Debt

A ProPublica analysis of newly available federal data programs that a few of the nation’s wealthiest universities are making their poorest students with a great amount of financial obligation.

Q&A: Elizabeth Warren on Spiraling Scholar Debt and Just Just Just What Ought To Be Done About This

The professor-turned-lawmaker speaks about why individuals should care and just just exactly just what Congress should always be doing to assist relieve the responsibility on borrowers.

As Parents battle to Repay university Loans with their children, Taxpayers stand to Lose also

Brand brand brand brand New Department of Education information programs increasing standard prices on federal loans to moms and dads.

After Years of Problems, Greatest Student-Loan Servicers Get oversight that is stepped-up

The buyer Financial Protection Bureau announced increased oversight regarding the ongoing businesses that behave as go-between for student borrowers and loan providers.

Public Universities Ramp Up help for the Wealthy, making poor people Behind

Chasing prestige and battered by state money cuts, numerous general public universities and colleges with a historic obligation to offer use of a reasonable training have actually considered “financial help leveraging,” providing rich or high-scoring pupils discounts on tuition.

Families Shoulder Heftier Burdens as University Debt Swells

Pupil debt is placing a stress on pupils — and their moms and dads. Meanwhile, federal programs to create student education loans cheaper will not bring relief to any or all.

For Grieving Father Suffering Dead Son’s Scholar Financial Obligation, Resolution Goes Four Years Later

A California gardener destroyed their son but ended up being saddled having a crushing debt — plus it had been difficult also to understand who owned that financial obligation. Four years later on, he is finally reached a legal quality.

Education Department Adopts Important Reform for Disabled Borrowers

The department has conducted a sweeping overhaul of its troubled disability review program after our investigation and public pressure.

Another Means Figuratively Speaking Are Like Mortgages: Subpar Servicing

The businesses managing personal student education loans — just like those handling mortgages — sometimes increase the frustration as well as your debt load of struggling borrowers.

Just Just Just Just How Financial Aid Letters leave students Confused often and Misinformed

The Department of Education has a model aid award letter that is financial. It is extremely distinct from exactly exactly exactly just what schools are now actually giving.